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New School – New School Year

This year was different. Instead of walking into the Bear Den, which has been my professional home for the last three years, I walked through the gates of the Hawk’s Nest. To say I was apprehensive about my first day back on a high school campus is an understatement. Imposter syndrome had hit me hard…

Solar Storm

A large solar storm sends an electromagnetic pulse that knocks out modern technology, sending the world back into the 1980s. With limited communication, the world must readjust. However, the government has been preparing, and who they rely on to keep things going is an unlikely source.

D is for Depression not Demonic possession

I find it easy to believe that people once believed depression or other mental illnesses were considered a demonic possession. I mean, do you really want to take responsibility for the thoughts of wanting to drown yourself and wonder if anyone would miss you? No, it must be the devil messing with your head. But…

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