Day 34: Between the pages of a book is a wonderful place to be

It’s funny what the love for a good book will do for your mood. I usually know within a few pages if I’ll enjoy the book, and because of Kindle Unlimited, I’ve certainly read some books that I may never have taken the chance on if I had to fork over ten bucks. It’s probably why I keep my book on Kindle Unlimited. It allows readers to take a chance on my book. While my blog gets pretty regular views, that doesn’t mean that readers will like my fictional writing.

However, I know the last book I read probably should have joined the very few DNF pile. It took me three months to force myself through the 350-page book. Usually, I’ll finish that in a night or two, depending on how much sleep I’m willing to sacrifice. However, this book made me look at my Kindle and sigh. Reading this book felt more like homework than being enjoyable. The plot was something that interested me, the angelic world and the human world intermixing. But the author’s writing style was not my favorite. I love dialogue and there was nearly none. I managed to get through a rushed romance that was very hard to believe and the dialogue was quite stiff. It took a sleepless night to finish it.

Stil unable to still my mind, I started reading another book. Not by the same author, but another indie author. I had forgotten what the story was even about because I added it to my Kindle library so long ago. When I started the book, the clock read midnight and the next time I looked at my phone it was nearly 4am and I was halfway done with my new book. Begrudgingly, I fell asleep. I could have stayed awake until the sunrose but I wouldn’t have been in the best spirits as a mom or a teacher. For the last few days, the characters have haunted me. I haven’t wanted to watch tv I’ve only wanted to read. I love the feeling of diving into a fictitious world and never wanting to leave.

My husband knows when I am reading a good book. If I don’t have a good book, we’ll stay up after the kids have gone to bed and watch a few episodes of whatever show we are binge watching. However, if i have a book to read, I have a not-so-subtle cue for him.

Either while we are cleaning up dishes or settling down after putting the kids to bed, I’ll say. “You should play a game tonight. I think I’m going to go to bed early.”

“Uhhu, you aren’t going to sleep.” He’ll tease. “You’re going to read. Why don’t you just say that?”

I’ll just give him a big smile, to which he’ll head into his office shaking his head. “I always know when you have a new book. It’s the only time you’ll ever suggest that I play video games.”

I love my husband, and how well he knows me. I don’t always have to say things and he’ll just know. However, what has surprised me the most about him is how much he loves to read books. I’ve dated other men who read, but it was magazines or articles mostly for knowledge, not entertainment. Sometime in January, we were talking, and out of nowhere, he talked about different tropes within the books he read or shows we watched. I just stared at him and in mid-sentence he stopped talking and asked me, “What?”

“Did you just say tropes?” I could feel myself flush. I don’t know why him saying that word suddenly made him even more attractive.

“Yes,” he laughed at him. “Why you think because I was in the army that I don’t know why tropes are?”

“I mean, not the army, but more of the fact that you skated by your senior year of high school because everyone knew you were going to war.” I teased him. “I just never expected to hear you, or well anyone bring that up.”

As much as I love reading, movies, and tv, I never really had someone in my life before to discuss them at a deeper level. It’s just been wonderful to share that enjoyment with someone else.

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